Construction Process

Custom home building is our craft and we strive to meet your needs, tastes and preferences. This outline is a guide to the process you can expect in the creation of your custom home. We adapt this outline and are flexible to meet your specific concerns and ideas. On average, the construction process takes 8 to 10 months; however, timelines can vary based on the size and complexity of your new home.

Design Phase

The construction process begins at the design phase. Whether you start with nearly completed blueprints or simply a great idea, this phase results in a workable plan for your new home. Here is what occurs:

  • You create a list of what you need and want in your home. Photos, floor plans, books and magazines are a great place to start. Or, use our design preferences form to get started.
  • A site visit establishes site constraints, house location and orientation.
  • Preliminary sketches and layouts are presented for your review and to discuss revisions.
  • Approved sketches are then drafted and a preliminary cost estimate is provided.
  • Revisions to the preliminary drafts establish working blueprints and detailed specifications. Within reason, further revisions are still possible during actual construction.
  • A firm quote is provided for your new home construction.
  • The detailed contract and approximate completion date are agreed upon.

Selection Phase

The selection phase is an ongoing task throughout the construction process, and determines the aesthetic appeal of your home. During this process you can expect:

  • Selection of the materials and colours for the exterior finishes.
  • Our interior designer assists in your selection of paint colour, flooring, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, trim, moulding, countertops, etc.
  • Our interior designer is also available to assist in choosing furniture and window treatments to complete your home.
  • Cabinetry is designed and constructed specifically for your new home.
  • Changes happen, and we encourage you to reassess your tastes and preferences throughout the construction process. Change orders are priced conservatively to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Construction Phase

Construction is often simultaneous with the selection phase and is closely managed by our professional team. Once construction has begun, you are given the opportunity to see the progress at safe, scheduled construction inspections. These inspections include:

  1. Framing completion inspection, at this time the electrical layout is also confirmed with you.
  2. Drywall completion inspection, when built-ins, closet layouts and finishing details are finalized.
  3. Finishing carpentry inspection, before painting and other finishing of your new home.
  4. Prepossession inspection, approximately two weeks before possession.  Note outstanding items and any necessary changes.
  5. Final inspection, addresses any final corrections, completion of outstanding paperwork, and delivery of your certificate of possession and the keys to your new home.

Warranty Phase

Imperfections are to be expected; since these can be missed during construction. Other flaws can develop over the course of the year. Our warranty ensures that these are addressed promptly and to your satisfaction.

Country Rose Homes’ after sales service program includes one year of warranty for materials and labour and five years of structural warranty through the National Home Warranty Program. Two year service and ten year structural coverage is available as an option.